A Basic Guide

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A Basic Guide

Post by Admin on Sun Oct 18, 2015 3:26 pm

Getting Started

Step 1: Read the rules of the forum. Go to Welcome Category, select Rules sticky.

Step 2: Create a Character. Create an account if you haven't already. Go to Create Character in Welcome Category.

Step 3: Wait for an Admin to approve your character. You cannot roleplay until the character has been approved.


Okay now that your character has been approved. You can finally start playing. Here are some basic rules on how to play. Please refer to Rules topic in Welcome Category for full list of forum rules.

You can go on quest but you must get permission from an Admin first. You can only have one active quest at a time. If you accept another quest the previous will be deleted and EXP will not be gained.

You can attend classes to gain EXP there are limit of 5 classes you can attend per day.

This is more than Dungeon and Dragons It's also story roleplay, meaning you can s\choose not to level your character and just roleplay with others to create a story.


Only you can kill your character. When you lose against NPC's (non-playable-characters) such as heroes/villains you can choose to live or die. If you choose death that character is invalid, and you will have to create another from scratch. No other player can kill your character without your permission.

Moving to a different location

If your roleplay requires your move to another topic simply post the same topic in the new thread with (Continues) either before or after. Copy and paste the last post into new topic.

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